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Documation 2019: Calenco +

What if you jump in the Augmented Documentation Production Era?

What if you finally deliver all of your documents in time?

Documation TradeShow

Calenco will be at the Documation Exhibition on Tuesday, March 19 from 2pm to Thursday, March 21 to answer your questions.

Come and discover Calenco +, your integrated services offer to ensure the success of all your projects to structure your documentation production:

Find us at STAND B 83, with our partners
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Calenco runs a feedback workshop with one of its key account customers:

Calenco / EDF Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - Room Bach - 10am. Critical technical information and structured documentation: How structured writing tools enable reliable documentation of EDF critical facilities

In an environment where reliable information is vital, how to build trust among all stakeholders?

How to set up a system that ensures consistency of information among many documents?

How to notify editors about the possible obsolescence of content?