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Getting to write quickly

When you first connect to Calenco, a little wizard in the form of popups shows you the location of the main features of each interface.

At the top you will find three main tabs:

On the left, you can create tags or subtags to classify your documents according to a given taxonomy or classification.

In the center is a drop-down list with the languages ​​of your content. ​You will find your content below.

On the right side, you will find metadata like author and date of last modification of this content.

You will also have a red button to manage publications, as well as an Actions menu in which you can perform functions such as exporting a document or requesting its translation.

The Display menu indicates the content type of the main zone: Documents, Templates, Images, Publications or even access to your style sheets.

The button at the top right allows you to consult the contextual help of Calenco.

To create a new document, just click on the "New" button at the top right. You must then provide the name and select the type of document. A detailed explanation is displayed to guide you on the best structure to use for your new content (Book, Article, Chapter ...).

The interface of our web editor is ergonomic and easy to use. You have different buttons that allow you to insert different structures like a bulleted list or an image. On the right you have the table of contents from which you will be able to modify the structure of your document thanks to the chapters or sections.

Our WYSIWYM editor allows you to enter text in a quick and easy way. With the enter key on the keyboard, you can insert paragraphs as in Word.

You select different elements of structure thanks to the vertical gray bar. This bar will allow you to select the desired item to copy it for example.

With automatic backup, the Web Editor saves all changes made safely.

To access the publication, nothing is easier than pressing the red book of the Calenco interface. Create a new publication based on existing templates.

And now, your PDF is displayed thanks to the chosen style sheet. Navigate within the PDF, click on the table of contents. You will find all your content with the desired layout.

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