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Documentary engineering

Document engineering: core business of Calenco

A specialized team of engineers dedicated to document engineering

  • Custom advice and design (360-degree document audit, document portals, Licenses On-Premise)

  • Expertise in open standards and XML

  • Assistance in setting up structuring architectures

  • Optimization of work methods based on XML

  • Direction, project leader support in documentation engineering

  • Programming, Development, XML/Java training

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, SwingJava J2EE, Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

15-year experience in document engineering

The team's expertise in documentation engineering allowed Calenco to develop a solution in SaaS mode that is accessible to all. What's more, the solution allows any customization for small to large companies. Discover our client cases.

Today, the Calenco solution is one of the simplest and most advanced on the document production market.

Our passion for documentation engineering, along with the support of our clients, encourages us to invest and make Calenco a world leader in the field.

Passion for document engineering

As we are convinced that we are at the beginning of a revolution in the way in which we create, share, and disseminate reliable information in companies and communities, we are investing in new technologies and know-how (artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.), to support our clients' project leaders and prospects in adding value to their strategic content.

Document engineering: the foundation of digital conversion

During the digital conversion of companies and communities, managers are increasingly discovering the value of their existing content and they wish to better use it or re-use it in their communication. Digital conversion changes our way of communicating. Today, communication is immediate, multi media, collaborative, cross-functional... Isn't this a good reason to review our way of producing it, making it more reliable to better share it?

The digital transformation
Re-thinking document production to successfully convert to digital.

Document engineering: a source of profit

Often seen as an expense, document production is becoming strategic for companies and communities.

  • Reliability of disseminated information;

  • More than 50% of reduction in writing time;

  • Reuse of more than 80% of existing updated content.

An opportunity for companies

A document production audit rethinks creation and circulation of information in a cross-divisional manner.

Companies have grown used to working in silos. Each silo produces its own documentation, without taking existing content in other departments into account.

At times, content between departments is re-used via "copy-and-paste" with no link to manage updates.

How many technical briefs, business proposals, marketing documents are sent to clients with legal information that is not updated or shows an outdated logo..... The document audit is the first step towards simple, reliable document production.