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Technical data

An SaaS solution

Calenco SaaS: Hosted server

Calenco ensures hosting and maintenance services for your SaaS application and data:

  • High-capacity server connected to high bandwidth Internet (100Mbps)

  • Secure connection using authentication

  • Secured communication channel using SSL

  • Hourly local back-ups and daily remote back-ups

  • Clients are able to export their entire content database if they wish

Traditional services and associated with the Calenco SaaS writing tool

Calenco puts its expertise at your disposal and offers comprehensive service to efficiently implement the project approach that works best for you:

  • Help in defining your needs
  • Development of features adapted to your specific requirements
  • Creation of input forms (Desktop Publishing 4.0)
  • Calenco Installation and setup
  • Migration of your existing documents to Calenco
  • User training to get started with the software
  • Custom style sheet design
  • Updates and technical support

Calenco SaaS platform accessible to all

Calenco developed the SaaS platform with its own simple to use, intuitive editor. A Calenco exclusive feature that now allows independent integration of the latest technologies.

A platform accessible to all
Calenco SaaS platform accessible to all

Technically accessible to all

No particular computer skills are needed to use the Calenco SaaS writing tool to organize and optimize their document production.

Financially accessible to all

The design team's desire is to make this technology available to any economic player who wishes to increase the reliability and optimize production of their strategic content to better communicate and disseminate information.

Remote or in-person training

Training is provided remotely or in-person. It qualifies for the training budget. Calenco is a training body registered with Datadock for Calenco training on structured writing.

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