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Calenco features

Discover the features that make Calenco the most powerful and effective SaaS platform for the production of strategic documents for companies and communities on the market

Content publishing: Simple writing tool

Calenco has its own Editor: structured, easy to use, with revolutionary ergonomics

Graphic editor

Customizable, intuitive graphic editor 

You can finally write structured content with the ease of word processing. The editor developed by NeoDoc is used via the Web browser, allowing the use of the browser interface without worrying about compatibility issues between languages.


Assembly of components (topics)

Directly in the editor, insert the external components from other sources (texts, variables...). The display provides a global view of the entire document and its components.

Images and screenshots

Dynamic images and screen shots

Your communications become creative and intuitive! Insert active areas in your images, embed dynamic content. Captions are translated on the fly!

Insert external data

Insertion of external data

With the CSV data import, or directly using the Calenco API, import external data in order to synchronize the information on your documents with your other data sources. The components allow to synchronize data within Calenco, inserting external data ensures consistency with all your data sources.

Mathematical formulae

Mathematical formulae

Write your complex mathematical formulae directly, thanks to the integrated Web editor.

Word Import

Word Import

Calenco allows you to quickly recuperate Word content and images.

In this way, you can easily import your documents created in Word to Calenco.

Calenco facilitates the migration from unstructured to structured, so go from Unstructured to Structured and gain in productivity and reliability.

Multi-format Publishing and Dissemination


Publish your documents without worrying about the layout. It's applied afterwards with one click, in all standard formats.


Automatic and secure dissemination

Distribute your documents automatically and securely with every update of source content. Send your content to be published on your content delivery servers, via FTP / SSH / Mail protocols ...

Auto Image Size

Automatic image sizing

Calenco is responsible for providing the correct resolution of the image according to the output format. Take advantage of the clickable image feature to energize your documents.

Multi formats

Multi format - Multi media

Digital (ePub, HTML, Online help ...), printable (low and high resolution PDF with cutting edges, Word ...). Communicate on all available media (paper, desktop, phones, tablets ...).

On demand publishing


Filtering or conditional text

The filtering (or conditional text) functions and the dynamic variables developed for Calenco allow for creation of customized on-demand content.

Create, on a single-sourcing content base, customized publications based on specific product variants, contract type, audience, etc.

Input Forms

Input Forms

Ask us to create a specialized input form to simplify and automate the production of your legal documents.

Automate your maintenance or audit reports, or even business proposals straight from your tablet offsite and offline.

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

With the DocuSign connector, send contracts for signature to your customers, prospects, employees, directly from Calenco.

Layout Studio

Layout Studio

Layout Studio

Create new layouts or customize provided ones by yourself, with no specific computer knowledge.


Accessible to all

Modify the layout of your documents freely, completely autonomously with a simple "Drag & Drop".