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free month

Calenco Free Starter

0 € / month

  • Duration 30 days
  • All basic features are provided for 30 days
Students offer

Calenco Student

0 € / month

  • Minimum commitment 30 days
  • Extension of commitment on request
  • All basic features are provided for the duration of your studies
six months

Calenco Full 6 Months

129 € / month*

  • Commitment: 6 months
  • Unlimited storage (fair use)
  • Options: Translation, teamwork, electronic signature...

*all prices are to be considered exclusive of tax and for one writer


You can add the following options:

A connector allows you to send content for translation from a single source language. There is no limit to the number of target languages, source languages, and workspaces involved. It is then necessary to take one or more translator accounts.
For each translator who must work in the translation module.
Access to the commentator for proofreading and exchange on the platform with the writer. For operators of documentary portals: access to the platform + data entry on PC, tablets, smartphones.
The Calenco Collaborative Pack integrates two features, collaborative writing in real time and WorkFlow, in order to facilitate the work of your teams and improve their productivity. Collaborative writing allows several people to work safely, at the same time, on the same document. The WorkFlow sets up a configurable circuit which integrates drafting, proofreading and then validation of a documentary module by one or more participants.