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History: Calenco SaaS Solution

4 key phases​

  • In 2004, NeoDoc, made up of technical writers and translators, began supporting companies with a range of services to help them produce quality documentation. Facing the complexity of the documents, the loss of time spent searching for content to reuse and setting up the layout of the final documents, the NeoDoc team developed internal software to address the limits and disadvantages of traditional writing and layout tools. Calenco was born....
  • Starting in 2010, thanks to the Calenco tool, NeoDoc became a software creator, supplying a collaborative document production platform, notably to key account groups (EDF, SNCF, St Gobain, General Electric, Bouygues), who have tremendous needs in terms of security, reliability and productivity of their strategic content. For example, this platform allows EDF to ensure the reliability of documentation for the operation of nuclear power plants, or for Bouygues TPto have better control over employment contracts.

  • In 2017, NeoDoc launches Calenco 3, a SaaS platform for small-to-medium sized businesses and communities, for which they already have more than 50 clients in France and Europe. This platform is fully in line with the Industry 4.0 approach to digitalizing organizations. Calenco SaaS solution simplifies and makes more reliable strategic document creation for organizations (technical, legal, marketing, sales, training), in multiple languages and multi-media.

  • 2020 Creation of the collaborative solutionCalenco Plus. Resulting from the collaboration between partners, this innovative methodology is focused on four axes: data integration, writing, translation and dissemination.

  • 2021 Launch of the new Calenco V4. Together with its new graphic charter, the solution offers more ergonomics. Its web editor is more intuitive and easy-to-use. The new collaborative features enabling workflow and monitoring of translation status makes of the platform a real digital workspace for more efficient document production.

And success was right around the corner

Calenco revolutionizes creation, translation and multi- media publication of strategic business documents. Calenco SaaS solution is accessible to all, without special computing knowledge. Calenco developed its own editor (user interface) that makes the solution unique on the market in France and internationally.

Putting an end to the inherent complexity of structured writing, the solution is easy to use and the user can take control almost immediately.

A study carried out with clients using Calencoconfirms and quantifies the benefits related to using the solution:

  • up to 70% time savings for document updates,

  • a 30% to 50% reduction of translation costs!

  • 100% of clients confirm that it has increased reliability in the reuse of content,

  • "Publishing in PDF or WebHelp in 1 click is simply wonderful".

Approved and accepted by many clients See our clients’ references