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User manuals for medical machines


  • Leader Company: NEODOC
  • Partner company(ies):
  • Customer name: Supersonic
  • Requesting department: Industrial department
  • Area of business: Innovation in medical imaging
  • Length of project In operation since 2017
  • Users of the solution (end users): R&D department
  • Customer needs:

    • Automating a wide range of documents, in particular manuals for medical imaging equipment.
    • Eliminating sources of error
    • Secure migration of existing Word format documents
    • Monitor actions of those involved, content and documents thanks to the workflow
  • Services offered:

    • Calenco and Calenco translator licences (hosting data, back-ups, etc.)
    • Migration
    • Training


  • Method used:

    • Description of the method (in a few lines): Analysis of training documents and making them available to Calenco.
    • Ressources allocated (number and function - internal or customer ressource):

      • Jessica Bercoff - Education, Clinical and Market surveillance Manager at SuperSonic Imagine
      • Hugo Pottiez- Customer Service Specialist at SuperSonic Imagine
      • Almudena San Roman - Project manager at NeoDoc
      • Camille Bégnis at NeoDoc
    • Required workgroups/workshops: Traditional Calenco training
    • Tools used:

      • Calenco
    • Deliverables:

      • User manuals
      • User guide


  • Costs (ROI):

    • Automating PDF editing to avoid wasting time with manual editing;
    • Optimising and reducing time spent to focus on the content and not style, by offering automatic style models;
    • Easy creation by mere assembly of pre-existing modules
    • Document range selection thanks to logical sorting by product, version, end-user type;
    • Standardisation of structure and graphic charter for all documents regardless of the writer;
    • Ensuring compliance with the propagation of changes and updates to all related documentation;
    • Ensuring standardised application of the graphic and style charter for all documents produced.
  • Deadline:

    • 50% time saved on writing and updating all document types.
    • Implementation of the solution in just a few months.
  • Quality:

    • Archiving all working versions of a reference document for future reuse;
    • Automatically distribute finalised documents in an in-house base accessible to all.
    • Automatic production of several media types (PDF, Web, etc.) without user intervention.
  • Security:

    • Centralised management of source and model documents in a single database, accessible to all involved in the project;