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Product manuals


  • Method used:

    • Description of the method (in a few lines): Support in documentation production Breakdown of documents into reusable modules. Development of style sheets Application of writing standards to documentation. Multilingual management of documentation.
    • Resources allocated (number and function - internal or customer resource):

      • Head of documentation at Cuenod
      • Spare parts and documentation at Cuenod
      • CEO at NeoDoc
      • Neodoc Project Manager
      • IGDoc Project Manager
      • Technical writer at IGDoc
    • Required workgroups/workshops: Documentation audit by IGDoc, Calenco training, Implementation of documentation structure, filtering and reuse, development of style sheets.
    • Tools used:

      • Calenco software
  • Deliverables:

    • Cuenod product manuals, PDF style sheets (white brand).


  • Costs (ROI):

    • Automating PDF editing to avoid wasting time with manual editing;
    • Optimizing and reducing time spent to focus on the content and not style, by offering automatic style models;
    • Easy creation by mere assembly of pre-existing modules
    • Document range selection thanks to logical sorting by product, version, end-user type, etc.
  • Deadline:

    • More than 50% of reduction in writing time;
    • Reuse of more than 80% of existing updated content.
  • Quality:

    • Standardization of structure and graphic charter for all documents regardless of the writer;
    • Ensuring compliance with the propagation of changes and updates to all related documentation;
    • Ensuring standardized application of the graphic and style charter for all documents produced.
  • Security:

    • Reliability of information;