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Ensure the up-to-date status and consistency of all maintenance procedures

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RTE, a Calenco Reference

Manager of the electricity transmission network, RTE offers affordable access to safe and clean electricity.

The mission of RTE is to ensure, in real time, the balance between supply and demand for electricity, relying on the capabilities and needs of electricity producers, traders, distributors, industrial consumers and railway companies.

To secure maintenance procedures while optimizing the work of field operators, procedures must constantly evolve. They must take into account the feedback and the new standards and new materials. At the same time procedures must be more specialized to ensure that only the minimum required operations are performed according to the frequency of interventions.

The solution For general maintenance procedures covering a wide range of products and operations, specialized on-demand

With this solution, technical writers document and gather operations to be performed on a single document: no need to open a multitude of documents to copy / paste for an update operation.

In addition, several solutions from the structuring of data allow to implement writing aids:

  • Security warnings are managed in a single library to update them with a single click on all procedures;

  • The tools, spare parts and consumables lists are automatically generated at the beginning of the document according to the specific tasks to be performed.

This ensures a consistency not only among the different procedure documents, but also within the same document, while simplifying the writer’s life.

Result: field operators have specialized maintenance procedures quickly updated

With this system field operators have documentation:

  • Systematically updated and benefiting from improvements carried over from other procedures.

  • Adapted to the specific hardware on which they intervene.

  • Well organized, with the right information in the right place.

  • Available in paper and electronic formats.