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Automatic audit report creation

Introducing the Hücker & Hücker company

The Hücker & Hücker company, based in Kelkheim, Germany, specializes in the qualification of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization machines in medical offices, hospitals, and manufacturers of medical devices.

Logo Hücker automatic report creation

The company is authorized to supply audit reports regarding sterilization and cleaning machines for medical equipment. Deliverables consist of printed documents, from 15 to 100 pages each, detailing the tests carried out and giving results and recommendations.

The report is a valuable document that proves the company's added value. The Hücker & Hücker company is very demanding as to the quality of its reports and faces increasing shorter lead times from clients.

After having searched in vain for document production solutions in Europe, Mr. Bjarne Hücker came to Calenco with three major requirements:

  1. Reduce report creation times; ;
  2. Ensure report presentation quality; ;
  3. Facilitate the input of data in the field.

Organization of origin for the automatic creation of reports

An on-site study with the director established the organizational steps in place and includes the line of business and constraints of evaluators in the field:

  • Evaluators receive a series of paper forms that cover the topic, before carrying out their rounds.
  • They complete the forms on-site and take a series of photographs to illustrate the tests in progress.
  • Once back in the office, they complete Word models using the photos and data collected on paper, as well as on Excel files with samples of the data.
  • The supervisor assembles the various parts to complete the final document. On the site, he makes the results of the tests carried out available to each client (lab results), the high-level analysis, recommendations, etc.).

From this study it was discovered that these steps carried numerous constraints that each evaluator had to overcome individually in the field. All of this resulted in a loss of time and coherence in the methods used.

Other than the cost of production, the impact on the quality of the report and the delay in making it available to the client was glaring.

  • Identical data was entered multiple times;
  • A lot of time was needed to simply assemble the various elements;
  • A lot of time was spent on the layout of the final result, formatting;
  • It was difficult to ensure coherence between the various parts of the document.

What's more, this loss of time for a low value-added activity could be demotivating for the team of evaluators.

The report creation solution offered by Calenco

Along with the director of the Hücker company, it seemed important to us to recreate synergy and complementarity between the headquarters' supervisors and the evaluators in the field.

Document structuring

We were able to identify specific common content for each machine.

This structuring eliminated the evaluator having to re-enter or copy/paste from one document to another to create the report.

In addition, a filtering system by model automatically selects content.

Input forms on tablet

Evaluators enter field data directly on their tablets.

A customized input form by machine model indicates the fields to complete.

They may also directly add photos taken with the tablet to bolster the report.

Access to the form is made in both Online and Offline mode.

Direct data entry on tablet enables automatic report creation
Direct entry of field data on tablet

New work organization

Implementing the solution allowed Hücker's management to establish a new organization.

Strong involvement by supervisors

Supervisors may adapt the input form based on the machine model or work habits of the evaluator.

The upstream preparation and organization work carried out by supervisors is appreciated by the teams in the field.

Productivity gains related to upstream work are directly measurable.

Enhancing actions for evaluators

Evaluators no longer have preparation work to do before making their rounds. On-site, they are guided by a form that is customized to the machine, which they will complete directly on their tablet.

They have time to devote on the quality of the audit (texts, photos).

They can enhance their work.

Synergies between supervisors and evaluators

In this way, the goal of creating synergy between supervisors and evaluators is met.

The work is now collaborative. The measurable result if a team result.

Strong gains in productivity and quality.

data flow schema for automatic report creation
Supervisor interactions with Calenco to create a new order

The diagram below illustrates the synergy between the evaluator in the field and the supervisor at headquarters.

Real-time communication

Thanks to being able to enter information on the tablet in offline mode, after syncing, the results can be sent to headquarters. The supervisor can approve the report and publish it on the site in the client space.

The supervisor analyzes the data in real time and can ask the evaluator to carry out an audit. This will improve the quality of the report without increasing site visit costs.

A new offer for Hücker clients

Hücker clients can receive a report quickly and carry out interventions on the equipment and services concerned if necessary.

Thanks to structuring of the input form and automatic formatting, the report is complete, easy to read in a homogeneous presentation in the company charter.

Automatic report creation provides the customer with up-to-date information for making decisions