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Writing long and complex documents

From small to large companies

With Calenco, NeoDoc simplifies life for any company

What do these companies have in common:

  • TITAN Aviation, which supplies refueling systems to aviation companies and airports,

  • Ullink, leader in the financial solutions publishing market,

  • Oléa médical, whch supplies diagnostic tools to health professionals,

  • Nexto, specializing in the Cloud,

  • Ikosoft , international leader in cash register management software for hair salons and beauty salons.

  • PMB, manufacturer of high technology components for the medical industry,

  • And also large accounts or CAC 40 companies such as EDF, SNCF, Bouygues, Saint Gobain, General Electric, Société Générale..

Did you find it? No? Well, it'sNeoDoc, the "small company" that simplifies the life of others when it comes to the writing of long and complex documents

With NeoDoc's Calenco solution, writing technical documents has never been so easy.

Diffusion of content on any platform

Writing long and complex documents: create and distribute documents, the power of Calenco

What's more, it saves time, increases productivity and the quality of your documentation production.

NeoDoc, solutions to deal with writing and updating of long and complex company documents (user manuals, quality approach, all procedures...).

A SaaS-mode application: Calenco

By following the lead of all of these companies and creating your user manuals in several languages, your recurring graphic charters in various types of documents for various users - making it extremely simple and rendering your word processing or DTP/DAO software completely obsolete.

Calenco is " THE " innovative software for writing long and complex company documents.

The rate will surprise you!

You would be surprised, this Full Web application is available according to the number of users of the application. In addition there is a simplified "solo" solution. Consult the rates.

You can also test Calenco for Free

With this application, you can migrate documents from your EDM. You also have the ability to integrate existing elements from your DTP, ERP, etc.

The power of software for your technical documents

With Calenco, NeoDoc brings you a simple, reliable solution for writing long and complex documents, recurring updates and adapting the graphic charter to the rest of the document corpus.

NeoDoc's experience in technical writing makes it possible for them to adapt to your precise requirements with great ease of use.

  • The technical aspect of your products is under control. The NeoDoc solution will facilitate writing of complex (technical, legal, marketing, financial, corporate) documents with respect to deadlines and the quality of the graphic charter.

  • A certain number of documents are in Word, and you want to retrieve them without having to recopy them. Nothing could be easier. You can do a Word import to Calenco.

In conclusion, the SaaS solution for writing long, complex documents and their multilingual, multi-support dissemination is easy to use. In fact, there is no need for any particular knowledge of structured writing. The Calenco Web publisher is intuitive. You can use it immediately. NeoDoc assists you with in-person, distance or tutorial training sessions. NeoDoc's Calenco training is DataDock referenced. In addition, the SaaS solution is without commitment over time. Without investment it adapts to your operating budget.

For translations, Calenco has an integrated translation platform to facilitate and manage exchanges with translators. Translation times are thus reduced. You master the translation memory. Your translation budget is greatly reduced.