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Context-sensitive online help

Indispensable for software support

Work meeting

Today, context-sensitive online help is indispensable in supporting software or an operating system, allowing the user to quickly take over and use it autonomously. Online assistance has also become indispensable in a number of on-board systems.

Today, thanks to solutions like Calenco, it is possible to customize this context-sensitive online help depending on the reader or the page viewed. The information can be accessible via an automatic pop-up or a link to a related page. Today's user is asking for intuitive interfaces. When he needs it, he would like to find the information directly, on his own. He no longer wishes to go through a hot line, or worse, to read a complete manual in order to find the information. Context-sensitive online help is the key that is going to give the user the freedom to teach himself how to use the software.

Context-sensitive online help, a modern tool

Industry 4.0 uses it

Context-sensitive online help is especially well-suited to Industry 4.0, particularly for the IoT (Internet of Things) or AI (Artificial Intelligence). In these modern contexts, information must be available at the right time, and it must be appropriate to the reader's level. He may be a beginner, experienced, or an expert. He must quickly find the right information that concerns him. Otherwise it will not be read, with the consequence of a risk of rejection of the product.

Calenco, specialist in context-sensitive online help

Several of our clients, software creators specializing in finance, Health, industry or marketing (ULLINK , IGE XAODL SantéSaint Gobain, ..) give priority to and demand excellence from their context-sensitive online help. For certain clients that use workflows, it is important that they be able to deliver information that is tailored to a precise point in the workflow in order to carry out the right process.

Calenco, a modern solution.

You have heard of the African technological leap called the "leapfrog". One of the best-known in telephony is mobile banking. Africans went directly to the cellphone, thus squeezing out telephone landlines. This technological leap also changed the banking sector, struggling to open so many branches for the exchange of money. The mobile phone became a payment method in Africa well before it did in European countries.

The Beninese context-sensitive online help leapfrog

The finance ministry of Benin took advantage of its budgetary system overhaul, in project mode, to redesign the entire budgetary computing system. To support this change and allow each agent to be autonomous in using this new organization, it was important to set up effective context-sensitive online help. The Société Nationale de Développement Informatique (SNDI)[French National Computing Development Society] responsible for this conversion immediately reached out to NeoDoc to install Calenco.

The project leader wanted a solution for collaboratively writing the user documentation for the new computing system. Because all ministry agents are going to be using the documentation and the context-sensitive online help. He is looking for modern approach to accessing the information. He would like to break free of the traditional documentation pattern created by developers. They don't always see things from the users' perspective.

Why Calenco?:

The Calenco solution is easy to learn and installs quickly. Also, they quickly set up powerful customized context-sensitive online help. In addition, there are many exchanges between ministry officials, adds the SNDI project manager. The NeoDoc team received a warm welcome to install the solution and train the teams of trainers. And now they are committed to training other departments.

The contextual online help also allows you to discover beautiful countries and meet great people, concludes with humor Camille Bégnis, founder of the NeoDoc company.