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Talking about ecological and societal issues through live arts: This is the challenge of the festival Ça va loin!, initiated by a collective of artists, overseen by the Octopus association.

Divided into two highlights and in two emblematic places, Mont-Dauphin and the Parc National des Écrins, the second edition of the festival will put women at the center of its theme. Their views, their contributions to changing the world. With the program rich in events, the organizers hope to reach a wide audience, from all walks of life and multi-generational.

NeoDoc, committed to the fight against climate change, participating in projects promoting the regenerative economy, concerned about the well-being of women and men, has decided to support and contribute financially to the organization of this festival combining sensitive and artistic aspects. We hope that the language of committed artists will be able to convince of the urgency of acting for the planet, more than a person and better than a political speech.

See you on July 7, 8 and 9 and during July and August for a festive, educational time and a sensitive experience.

If this project is close to your heart, you too can give your support.

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