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Technical documents

Technical documentation: simplify production!

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​Technical documentation produced quickly

Meet production deadlines, customize your documentation and increase productivity.

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Technical documentation always up to date with a single click

Perform once your upgrade: it will be spread over all relevant documents no matter the format!

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Accessible to all in SaaS mode from one user

Easily write a structured document without any particular computing skills.

A reference tool for your product and services documentation resources

  • Technical manuals

  • User guides, installation guides, online help

  • Data sheets

  • Training material

  • Product catalogs (PDF and Web)

  • Procedural Manuals, Quality

Multi-support accessibility

The technical document by Calenco, intelligent document 4.0

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Content entry separate from formatting

Writers concentrate solely on the document's content. Save time, easy multiple dissemination!

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easily accessible single sourcing

Updating of a corpus of documents in 1 click via modification of the source module.

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Modularity, customization

Reusable content modules make it easy to write and customize documentation based on profile (product, user, country, etc.).

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Automatic formatting

Each graphic element (logo, cover page, table of contents, index, notes, appendices...) is configurable.

You customize everything while keeping format intact.

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Automatic multi-format publication

Write once, choose the output format, and send it out !

Simultaneously publish text, sound, pictures, print and Web (PDF, Web, Tablets, Smartphones), using the format of your choice.

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Automatic dissemination

Share documents directly with your addressees, or drop them directly in your computer system using a simple link, with no attached file.

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Clickable, dynamic image

Create dynamic PDF or HTML documentation, defining information zones on a diagram, image or photo.

The reader will freely access the information in an entertaining way with a simple click on the identified zone.

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Automatic formatting

Classify your content by affixing one or more tags

Find your content quickly by simply clicking on one or more tags to refine the search

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Integrated translation platform

For your international documentation, you can benefit from a collaborative integrated translation platform with integrated translation memory.

Discover Calenco Translator

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Strong ROI

  • Greatly increased editor productivity
  • Reduced availability delays for technical documents
  • Graphic charter respected, Brand reputation strengthened
  • Technical documentation that makes you want to read it

Discover Calenco features for rapidly producing, making reliable and personalizing all of your company's strategic documents.