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Marketing and business documents

Quickly and easily create business documents

Calenco Business, the cloud-based solution to writing and disseminating your commercial offers or answers to quotations.

Inline Media

Quickly and easily create business proposals or responses to tenders

Without worrying about layout. That will be taken care of with a single click!

Inline Media

Filter content according to project, access rights, specific criteria (by product, country, client...)

Quickly customize your business proposals

Avoid "copy and paste" errors

Inline Media

Automate while customizing publications and business proposal updates

Disseminate on any print or digital media (Print, Web, Tablet or Smartphone)

A centralized reference tool for marketing and sales documentation resources

  • Commercial proposals

  • Tender responses

  • Commercial contracts

  • Communication documents, institutional

  • Website content

  • Brochures, flyers

Persuasive business proposals

Effective business documents that make you want to read them

Inline Media

Time savings

A completion time divided by 2 at least, for original and effective business proposals! 

  • No more copy and paste. Thus eliminating a key source of errors!

  • A single upstream update for all media

  • No more chance of error or omission

Inline Media

Sharp reduction in costs

Content structuring, write once:

  • Elimination of the time-consuming task of layout, a source of hidden costs

  • One-click dissemination on any media you choose (PDF, WEB/HTML, mobile media, etc.)

  • Graphic design is maintained, publication harmonization is under control

Inline Media

Brand image is preserved

  • Formats and styles are defined individually for each of your business proposals, including table of contents, index, notes, appendices, regulations, etc.

  • You focus on content

  • No more reworking the layout with each content change

  • Company charter is maintained

Inline Media

Intuitive, fast implementation

  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • No need for any particular knowledge of structured writing

  • Write as you would with your word processor, without worrying about layout

Inline Media

Verification, safeguarding

  • Drafting and expert validation are done upstream, just one time
  • Your reusable content is stored in a single source
  • Business proposal content update is automatic
Inline Media

Business efficiency

  • Elimination of thankless tasks

  • Online collaborative work

  • Closer collaboration between staff

Discover Calenco features for rapidly producing, making reliable and personalizing all of your company's strategic documents.