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Legal documentation

Human Resources, Lawyers: Safe, simple automatic production of contract

Thanks to the creation of an online input form (electronic filing type), you can automate contracts and update all documents based on modifications made to your single content source (clause listing).

Human Resources, Lawyers: Automate and safeguard the production of your contracts with ease

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Draft, organize and update all of your legal documents, including those that are sensitive in nature 

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Automate publications and updates in various formats, in any media

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Customize and filter upon your own criteria (version, country, recipient, content...)

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Store sources, versions and final publications in a single location

A centralized reference tool for documentation resources

  • Contracts, endorsements

  • Correspondence

  • Social reports

  • Handbook

  • Methods and Quality procedures

  • Internal reports

The legal documentation is also digital

An immediate return on investment with Calenco Legal

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Intuitive, quickly mastered

An ergonomic interface that allows you to concentrate solely on sensitive content, without worrying about the final presentation, thanks to the principle of separation of presentation and content

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Security through centralization of source production

Writing and expert validation is done only once, upstream. It is this single source that is then used, by module, to create various multi-media and/or multilingual versions.

Create your list of clauses

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Content monitoring

a single expert upstream verification, a single entry. Personalization is done automatically thanks to filtering

Content reliability

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Automatic page layout

Predefined formats and styles (including table of contents, index, notes, appendices, regulations...) save considerable time in the production of internal and external documents

Time and money savings

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Automatic multi-format publication

You need only write your content once, and with one click it is used on various media of your choice:

  • PDF
  • WEB
  • Tablets, Smartphones
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Immediate gains

  • Reduction in tedious tasks and loss of time in formatting
  • No more risk of error, as with documents created using "copy and paste"
  • ​All collaborators have access to documents that are updated, with no hands-on intervention.
  • Cut document completion time by at least 50%

Discover Calenco features for rapidly producing, making reliable and personalizing all of your company's strategic documents.

Automatic production of contracts for HR, Commercial, Real Estate and others related to companies, liberal professions and communities for major gains in time and money.