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Documentation for a software solution


  • Leader Company: IGDoc
  • Partner company(ies): NeoDoc
  • Name of customer: Confidential
  • Area of business: Energy
  • Duration of project: May 2019 - September 2020
  • End user of the solution (end user): technicians, users of the software package
  • Customer needs:

    • Producing operating, installation, use and training manuals for a software package developed in-house
    • Testing a structured writing software tool:
  • Services offered:

    • Support in the implementation of the structured writing tool
    • Making available a comprehensive standard summary library for a software package
    • Operating manual for systems operators and applications administrators
    • Architecture file for applications developers and infrastructure architects
    • Translation FR to EN


  • Method used:

    • Description of the method:

      • Expert IT IGDoc–technical writer pairs confirmed for the production of 9 deliverables
      • Service provided in Agile mode for ten sprints with weekly workshops with customer experts
      • Support and advice relative to the documentary library expected by end users
    • Ressources allocated (number and function - internal or customer resource):

      • senior IGDoc technical writer
      • IGDoc IT expert
      • IGDoc Project Manager
      • Neodoc Project Manager
      • Neodoc developer
      • 4 customer technical experts
      • 1 User Group
    • User groups/workshops required: about one weekly work group of 2-6 hours required as well as specific workshops with the users
    • Tools used:

      • Calenco
      • Memsource (translation)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint (for diagrams)
      • Gimp or Paint (image editing)
  • Deliverables:

    • Producing operating, installation, use and training manuals for a software package developed in-house


  • Costs (ROI):

    • Initial investment by customer to define style sheets, amortised with the volume of documents produced
    • Long-term productivity gains, once the new method has been implemented (technical writer + tool)
  • Deadline:

    • Involvement of an IT expert to liaise between the technical writer and the business area expert: time savings in allocation and integration of technical data
    • Time saved by experts who no longer have to spend time producing documents
  • Quality:

    • Multimedia, multi-lingual documentation to meet user needs
    • High quality structuring, writing and illustrations
    • Formats suited to media used (contextual help, interactive PDF)
    • Reduction in user information requests addressed to experts
  • Safety:

    • A XML tool in line with the safety requirements of a French public-service company (EPIC) managing projects with a high level of confidentiality
    • Coherence and control of content
    • Reliability and standardization of terminology
    • Reduced risk of error thanks to test procedures