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Communications Equipment Specifications


  • Leader Company: NeoDoc
  • Customer name: Amphitech
  • Requesting department: Sales & marketing department
  • Area of business: Industry
  • Length of project: In operation since 2015
  • Users of the solution (end users): Writers, sales staff
  • Customer needs:

    • Content reuse
    • Batch product sheet generation
    • Automation of documents
  • Services offered:

    • Calenco software for technical writing and Calenco translator for translation
    • Support in implementing and personalising the solution


The Amphitech company creates and maintains a significant amount of documents as part of its design and manufacturing of communications equipment such as door entry phones, emergency call devices, lift remote alarms. Total volumes currently managed amount to around 600 product sheets and 500 manuals, broken down into French language originals and translations to German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Solution found:

    • Batch product sheet generation
    • Use of filters to generate documents on request
    • Prior migration of product data sheets:

      • Full migration of product data sheets and manuals

        • PTC 550

          • Product Data Sheets Creation of 89 XML files + addition of profiles and content corresponding to existing content
          • Manuals: Migration of the manual + application of filtering profiles
          • PTU 80V5

            • Product Data Sheets Migration of all content covering 9 products
            • Application of the different profiles (25 references possible in all) + Migration of the 16 kits
          • Manuals: (same principle as for the PTC 500 range)

            • Migration of content + application of profiles (with buttons or scrolling)
        • Generation of translation memory files

          • PTC500 manuals

            • 1 filter-able manual DE
            • PTU80 Product Data Sheets 4 EN + 1 DE
            • PTU80 manuals 1 filter-able manual DE

    In addition, the use of an integrated translation tool enabled Amphitech to regain control of the translation process:

    • The shared translation memory enabled Amphitech to play an active role in reviewing translations.
    • One project manager for translation
    • 5 linguists use the translation platform
  • Resources allocated (number and function - internal or customer resource):

    • At Amphitech: The head of the sales & marketing division for implementation, all of the department for training on the tool and the production of product data sheets.
    • At NeoDoc: a project manager and a developer for the design of the style sheet and migration of existing documents.
  • Required workgroups/workshops: Analysis of documentation, training on Calenco software and style sheet creation.
  • Tools used:

    • Calenco
    • Calenco Translator


  • Costs (ROI):

    • Automating PDF editing to avoid wasting time with manual editing;
    • Optimising and reducing time spent to focus on the content and not style, by offering automatic style models;
    • Easy creation by mere assembly of pre-existing modules;
    • Document range selection thanks to logical filtering by product, version, end-user type;
  • Deadline:

    • More than 50% of reduction in writing time;
    • Reuse of more than 80% of existing updated content.
  • Quality:

    • Standardisation of structure and graphic charter for all documents regardless of the writer;
    • Ensuring compliance with the propagation of changes and updates to all related documentation;
    • Ensuring standardized application of the graphic and style charter for all documents produced.
  • Security:

    • Reliability of information;