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Supersonic: innovative medical imaging equipment

Supersonic Imagine A Calenco reference

Supersonic Imagine is an innovative multinational company in the medical imaging industry. They developed a revolutionary ultrasound to detect, classify and, in the future, treat palpable and non palpable masses.

Reduce the risk of errors in a complex and sensitive document

The company needed a content publisher able to produce all of its documentation as well as its internal media. It was also a matter of simplifying the workflow and limiting the risk of errors in the content.

All of the documentation had been created in Word. In addition to being a time-consuming activity that weighed down the R&D department, copy/paste in Word was a source of errors. Supersonic Imagine was quickly faced with updating its documents to ensure the reliability of the information.

Migrating from Word to Calenco

Implementation of structured writing software for producing a company's technical documentation often runs into the problem of retrieving legacy documentation.

Calenco's Word importmodule retrieves existing documentation created using Word. Of course, structure retrieved from the document will vary depending on the quality of the original writing.

It is an opportunity for the company to clean up the document base, only retaining active documents or updating others.

Solution: a comprehensive document production and translation application

  • First, Supersonic Imagine uses Calenco to produce its internal documents and procedures.

  • Next, it will produce manuals and user guides for its products in various languages, thanks to Calenco translator